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Often a car buyer must choose between buying a late model used or a new car. Below are some of the important considerations for deciding on your option.

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Advantages of buying a new car

Warranty - Manufacturers offer vehicle warranties for three years or more. If your new car malfunctions while it is under manufacturer’s warranty, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or dealer to fix it.

Reduced Repair Costs - Unlike a used vehicle, the need for repairs are unlikely with your new car throughout its first few years of ownership. Only regular maintenance such as oil changes and tune ups is required, though some manufacturers are also covering oil changes for new vehicles. In addition, most new cars come with free roadside assistance while the vehicle is under warranty.

Financing - Financing costs add up throughout the life of a car, but most banks offer lower financing rates on new cars because the vehicles are worth more, and have already been affected by depreciation. Also, if you work with the sales team at any of our dealerships, you can be notified when a manufacturer offers a new car on sale for zero percent (0.0%) financing. This alone can save you a hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Fuel Efficiency - New cars have better highway and city fuel efficiency. You also have the choice of a diesel vehicle. With gas prices approaching four dollars per gallon, this is an important factor. Similarly, hybrid and electric cars are also getting widespread acceptance in the marketplace. Hybrid cars offer great fuel efficiency and are very popular among environmentally-conscious car buyers

Modern Technology - All new cars come with the technology such as navigation systems, multimedia, mobile device hookups, and charging outlets,.You can often order a car with the features and options that you want.

Top Condition - When you purchase a new car, you do not have to worry about hidden damages and repairs which previous owners may have hidden from you. A new car has no wear, mechanical problems, or hidden dents. When buying a new car, you know exactly what you are getting, and if the vehicle needs repair, it is covered under the warranty.

Another piece of advice we can offer you is that new cars are a better long-term investment.

So when you are planning to purchase a new Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Lincoln, Fiat, or Hyundai, come to the trusted dealerships of Northtowne Auto Group. We are your number one new vehicle auto dealer group in Kansas City. We offer a wide selection of new makes and models.