Used Cars for Sale KC

Here at Northtowne Auto Group, all of our dealerships offer the best quality used cars in Kansas City. Our clients come from all over the Kansas and Missouri. Our inventory includes late model Mazda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Lincoln, Mitsubishi, and Fiat vehicles. Most of these are either lease returns or trade-ins.

Used Car Inventory

Car buying can be a laborious process, but our experienced sales staff at Northtowne Auto Group dealerships are here to help. We want to make your car buying experience the best one yet. We have created a few tips that will help greatly before you start the used car purchasing process.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Car

Vehicle's History - We encourage you to check the used vehicle's history. With the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) number, you can find a vehicle history report on the internet. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System website provides a list of companies that offer vehicle history reports. The reports are usually inexpensive, sometimes even as low as three dollars.

The good news is that Northtowne Auto Group offers free vehicle history reports on all of its used vehicles. So when you review any vehicle on any of our websites, you have access to these vehicle history report at no cost.

You can also ask our sales team other questions about the car's history. Questions could consist of:

  • Maintenance history
  • Vehicle accident history
  • Insurance history

Budget - A lot of monetary factors go into buying a used cars. It is important to include all costs such as the down payment, insurance, monthly payments, licensing and registration fees, gasoline, and repair costs. Be reasonable about your budget and it will help you avoid stress in the future. In addition to calculating your budget, it is wise to obtain a copy of your credit report and bring it to the dealership. The better your credit, the lower the interest rates, which means lower costs for you.

When you work with any of our finance experts, we will work with you to pull your credit score and other information to help you get the best rates in the market.

Take a Test Drive - Taking a test drive can help you determine if the car is what you want. The test drive is the perfect time to evaluate the condition the car and see if it meets your standards. Some important things to note while on your test drive could include:

  • Condition of Brakes
  • Acceleration Issues
  • Any Engine Noises
  • Functioning of Climate-Control System
  • Steering Wheel Adjustability
  • Turning Radius

It is wise to decide on the car purchase a day or two after the test drive to give you time to consider your decision.

Learn to Negotiate - To some of us the idea of negotiating makes us anxious. Don't let negotiating scare you. Negotiating can be easy if you do your homework and stick to your budget. If the dealer is not willing to stay within your budget, don't be afraid to walk out of the dealership.

Northtowne Auto Group is here to answer your questions about any used car in our inventory. Stop by any of our dealerships in Kansas City, or e-mail us. We love to hear from you!